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Automotive Shield has been performing paint protection film installations for the past 15 years. In that duration, we’ve acquired the knowledge and experience needed to take on the most challenging applications.

From brand new vehicles, exotics, restorations and antique collections.  Over the years we have done it all,  from pre-cut patterns to custom installations. We offer a wide range of coverage options.

Our detail company is on site to assist in the preparation and completion of each project.  We’re here to walk you through every step of the process before we set up the appointment.

Meet the team

Lou AKA The clear Bra King has over 14 years experience and over 13.000 installs done, this easily makes this man one of the best clear Bra installers in the country, his knowledge, experience and quality are untouchable. Lou has worked for many clear bra companies in the past where he acquire all the experience that makes him one of the best. Lou is a Xpel certified installer.

Gabriel has over 14 years experience in the auto detailing and car wash business, he has worked and all types of cars from regular cars to exotics and classics, Gabe has worked and owned detail shops in Massachusetts, now in South Florida Gabe owns 918 Hand car wash and auto detail.

Both of them have about 30 years experience combined in the business, what set us apart from our competition is our passions for the cars, we have a professional detailer on site to make sure the car is ready for the PPF installation and also have best installer that will make sure the car is done correctly. ClearbraFlorida is also Xpel Certified meaning you will always get the best product and the correct warranty from us.

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