Suntek is one of the leading manufacturers of Paint Protection Films in this industry. It has been around for nearly 60 years and has produced a great line of products...


XPEL is a leading manufacturer of Paint Protection Films, one of the few brands that focus completely on automobile protection. It has some of the most innovative protection product lines...

Why We Do Not Use 3M

Why Don’t We Use 3M?

3M is a leading PPF manufacturer as it was the first brand to produce this film in collaboration with the US military. Earlier versions of PPF were thicker, designed to cover flat helicopter blade surfaces instead of curved vehicle services. This brand eventually developed a thinner, more malleable version for regular use.

In many ways, 3M has been the frontrunner in this industry, considered reliable because of their long-term presence and experience.However, not everyone is satisfied with 3M PPF products, looking at brands like Suntek and XPEL for better quality films. We always focus on customer satisfaction, which is why we don’t use 3M.

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