Why Suntek?

Suntek is one of the leading manufacturers of Paint Protection Films in this industry. It has been around for nearly 60 years and has produced a great line of products over time. The company works directly with different designers to develop films that perform well in all conditions. Suntek has a global presence, selling its products to customers in different countries. The brand doesn’t just manufacture PPF, but also high-quality automobile window films and architectural wraps.

All products are manufactured under strict quality control so there are no flaws or other problems in these films. Suntek also has an excellent customer service team, ready to answer any questions clients might have. We have worked with Suntek films for several years and know how they perform in real life conditions. If you want a reliable, durable PPF, this brand is a good choice for you.

Paint Protection Film Types

Suntek provides a great lineup of products, each option designed to suit a particular purpose. Here’s a brief introduction to all Suntek PPF products, you can get more information from our expert installers.

1. PPF Ultra

PPF Ultra is a specially designed film with superior resistance to stains and scratches. It is a low surface energy topcoat that limits dirt and water accumulation on its surface, which increases the film’s durability.

The product is 8mils thick in total; its topcoat is 0.5mils, the base film is 6.0mls, the adhesive is 1.5mils, and liner is 3.5mils thick. Our installers will make sure there are no bubbles or joints on the surface, which means you get seamless coverage. This product is available in high-gloss and satin matte finishes.

2. PPF C

This is a technologically advanced PPF film, designed to withstand harsh conditions without causing any damage to your vehicle. It is easy to apply and remove, making this film an ideal solution for automobile paint protection. It is designed to last for a long time and is resistant to scratches.

PPF C has a total thickness of 8mils thick with a 0.5mils topcoat, 6.0mls base film, 1.5mils adhesive, and 3.5mils liner. This particular film is only available in a high-gloss finish and careful installation is required to ensure there are no bubbles or edges on its surface.

3. PPF M

PPF M is another technologically advanced film designed to protect your vehicle from scratches and related damage. It holds up well in all kinds of weather conditions, offering maximum protection along with a seamless finish. This is a matte finish film, so it’s ideal for matte cars. This film has the same thickness as Suntek’s other products, ensuring it’s virtually undetectable if applied correctly. We will make sure there are no bubbles or joints on its surface.


Suntek PPF has a number of standout features that make them ideal for all kinds of vehicles, especially high-performance luxury machines. Here are some of them:

· This material has a self-healing property, which means small tears heal after being exposed to some heat.
· Suntek products stay flush against your vehicle and nearly undetectable to the naked eye.
· They protect your car from damage caused by rocks, insect, salt, road debris, etc.

These are just some many features of Suntek films. If you want to know more, contact us today. Our experts will happily explain the features.


If Suntek products are applied correctly, they can last for more than 10 years, which is better than many products available today. They’re all backed by good warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years based on the product you choose. These thin, durable films will keep your vehicle safe and are easy to maintain. If you’re looking for reliable PPF, Suntek is a great brand to invest in.

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