3M is a leading PPF manufacturer as it was the first brand to produce this film in collaboration with the US military. Earlier versions of PPF were thicker, designed to cover flat helicopter blade surfaces instead of curved vehicle services. This brand eventually developed a thinner, more malleable version for regular use.

In many ways, 3M has been the frontrunner in this industry, considered reliable because of their long-term presence and experience.However, not everyone is satisfied with 3M PPF products, looking at brands like Suntek and XPEL for better quality films. We always focus on customer satisfaction, which is why we don’t use 3M.

Why Don’t We Use 3M?

As a market leader, 3M is the most recognizable brand in this industry. As this company has a wide range of products spanning different fields, many clients trust this brand. We always offer honest advice so we’ll explain pros and cons of 3M products, comparing them to other industry leaders like XPEL and Suntek. This information helps customers make good decisions regarding the future safety of their vehicle. Here’s what you need to know about this brand’s products:

1. Features

3M films do provide sufficient protection from the outdoor elements. This brand claims to have thicker films than other products available, which can provide superior protection. Here are some features of 3M products:

· High-performance protection – 3M PPF provides high-performance protection so the film ensures your paint finish doesn’t have any scratches or chips. It can withstand different kinds of driving situations without being completely compromised.
· Clear after installation – PPFs from this brand are clear after installation and remain completely clear for several years. This ensures the cover is virtually undetectable with no impact on your vehicle’s exterior appearance.
· Durability and warranty – The company provides a 5-year warranty. You can expect this film to last that long with proper installation and maintenance.

These are some of the biggest advantages of 3M. Our expert installers have nearly 30 years of experience in this industry so they know how these films perform. They’ll offer honest and straightforward advice on 3M products.

2. Disadvantages

Unfortunately, other brands in this industry have outpaced 3M when it comes to quality and versatility. Here are some of the biggest disadvantages of this brand:

· No self-healing – Other PPFs available today have self-healing properties. All scratches and tears heal after being exposed to some sunlight or heat. This company’s products don’t have that property.
· No hydrophobic properties – Hydrophobic films resist accumulation of dirt and water, which makes them easier to clean and maintain. 3M products don’t offer this protection so cleaning can be difficult.
· Yellowing – Exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause yellowing in all PPF products, but this happens much earlier in 3M films. Many customers have seen yellowing in 3 to 4 years, even after proper maintenance.
· Warranty – 3M provides a 7-year warranty, which is less than 10-year warranties offered by Suntek and XPEL on some of their products.

This company also has a limited lineup of products compared to options provided by other brands. Customers want customized protection for their high-end vehicles so a limited range is a big disadvantage.

3. Quality

3M PPF products falter and start showing wear in real-life driving conditions so they’re not very durable compared to other options available. These films aren’t as optically clear or reliable as XPEL or Suntek films, which makes them a poor choice for high-performance vehicles.

While the quality of PPF is important, you need to find the best installer to get good results. Our team is professionally trained and has been in this industry for decades. We also receive good instructions and support from the other PPF brands like XPEL or Suntek films, which allows us to provide the best quality installation.

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