XPEL is a leading manufacturer of Paint Protection Films, one of the few brands that focus completely on automobile protection. It has some of the most innovative protection product lines available today. All products are manufactured under strict quality control as this company focuses on customer satisfaction and complete protection.

XPEL also provides a Design Access Program, which allows us to create a fully customized wrap for your vehicle. This helps eliminate waste, lower costs, and ensures precision in application. If you have any questions about this company’s products, ask our experts and they’ll be happy to help.

Paint Protection Film Types

XPEL has a wide range of Paint Protection Films so it’s easy to find something that suits your requirements perfectly. Here’s a brief introduction to the different kinds of products this brand has to offer

1. XPEL Ultimate

XPEL Ultimate is made from advanced elastomeric polymers, so it is more resistant to wear or scratches. It also doesn’t yellow with age and exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This PPF also has a self-healing property so light scratches or swirls disappear within minutes of exposure to some warmth. It doesn’t add any unwanted texture or color to your vehicle’s appearance. Ultimate also comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

2. XPEL Stealth

If you have a matte finish vehicle why apply a high-gloss finish PPF over it? XPEL Stealth has a soft, defused satin finish that allows your matte paint to shine through easily. It matches any factory matte paint finish perfectly and is colorless so you don’t need to worry about any alterations in your vehicle’s appearance. Stealth offers the same advantages as Ultimate, providing maximum protection from all harmful elements.


Tracwrap is a temporary coverage solution for people who need protection for a specific period. For example, if you’re going on a long weekend drive or plan to participate in a track meet, Tracwrap is the ideal solution for you. We can apply this film in 45 minutes so your vehicle will be ready for the road without delays. This wrap is 8mils thick, providing superior protection and can be peeled off in 5 minutes after you’re done.


Sometimes even the 8mils thick regular PPF is too thick. Some car owners want their film to be completely invisible and XPEL Xtreme is the right option for them. This film is XPEL’s thinnest and clearest product, virtually undetectable after installation. There’s no impact on your car’s color and finish, making this a perfect solution for custom finish high-end vehicles. Despite its thinness, Xtreme provides ample protection from flying debris, insects, wear, etc.


Regular PPF products are suitable for everyday driving situations like commuting to work. But they can’t withstand the rigors of off-road condition or industrial use. XPEL provides a strong and resilient film designed specifically for these situations. XPEL Armor is the company’s thickest, most durable film yet. It can protect your vehicle against gravel, flying debris, and similar hazards. It can resist punctures and abrasions from rough riding conditions easily.


All XPEL films come with excellent warranties. When applied properly, these films can last for more than 10 years. They provide a seamless finish with no texture or color alterations. Aside from the different film products, the company also provides a Design Access Program to ensure the film can be customized.


XPEL PPFs are durable, scratch resistant, and self-healing. They’re also hydrophobic, providing superior weather protection. When applied properly, this film is nearly undetectable so there’s no impact on your vehicle’s appearance. If you want to know more about these products, just contact our experts. They’ll be happy to explain the benefits of this brand’s PPF.

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