Take a look at our most frequently asked questions regarding paint protection film for cars below :

Paint Protection Film is a thin polyurethane thermoplastic material that can protect a car from scratches, chips, weather, and other such external factors. This film forms a resilient layer over a car, acting as a barrier between its paint and the outdoor environment. It can endure all kinds of wear for over 10 years, especially if the film is maintained well. PPF is easy to install and replace so after the material becomes too damaged, you can remove it and an install a fresh layer without damaging your vehicle.

PPF was originally designed for military use, created to protect helicopter wings from damage. It has evolved considerably since then and is more suitable for modern high-performance or luxury vehicles. PPF doesn’t alter the color of your vehicle but it can enhance its finish by adding a little extra shine.

This film is resilient, capable of withstanding everything from flying debris to attempts at vandalism. Once installed, it is nearly undetectable so you don’t have to worry about bubbles or edges that compromise the seamless finish of your vehicle. PPF is available in regular high-gloss and satin matte stealth finishes.

No, we don’t use 3M Paint Protection Film. All our products are from either Suntek or XPEL, both of which have great reputations in this industry and are reliable. 3M is considered the grandfather of the PPF industry because this film was first developed by this company in collaboration with the US military. Since then, 3M has been the largest manufacturer in this industry. But other companies have outpaced this brand in terms of quality and reliability.

3M offers a seven-year warranty, which might seem like a lot for regular cars, but it’s not enough for high-end and luxury vehicles. An average car owner will hang on to their vehicle for 3 to 5 years, but luxury car owners can hold on to their vehicles for much longer, especially if it has a vintage appeal and good resale value. Other brands offer 10-year warranties, which is more suitable.

3M PPFs aren’t hydrophobic so they provide little protection against wet weather. Other brands like Suntek offer hydrophobic films, which provide much better protection for your vehicle. We always provide the best quality products, which is why we offer films that have proven results to our customers.

The cost of PPF installation depends on the wrap type, coverage options, and your vehicle’s size. It includes material and labor costs as well as any customizations. We provide a quote to our clients based on their requirements so just call us or contact us through our online form to get a full estimate. Here’s a brief idea of what you can expect:

· Standard coverage – This is our most affordable product, providing basic protections. We cover the front bumper, a portion of your hood’s leading edge, partial fenders, and side mirrors.

· Full front wrap – This coverage is a step above our standard offering so it is a little more expensive. It covers everything included in the standard package but instead of a partial hood; you get a full hood and full fenders wrap.

· Full car wrap – Full body wrap is our most expensive option, but it offers the best protection. We cover all exposed components to ensure there’s no possibility of your car being scratched.

We also offer stealth wrap, which has a satin matte finish as opposed to a high-gloss one. This will be the best option if you have a matte painted car.

We understand the importance of accurate information and third-party opinions. That’s why our website provides links to detailed reviews on our products. You can find information on Suntek and XPEL products with a brief Google search as well. Reviews will provide unbiased information regarding the quality of our wraps and services so you can make a good decision.

Our customer care team will offer honest advice on different products, coverage options, and accessories. Feel free to ask questions to gain a better understanding of your options. We are always straightforward and will take your requirements into consideration before offering recommendations.

Clear Bra is just another word for urethane-based clear Paint Protection Film. It is invisible after installation so it has no impact on your car’s appearance. This film offers excellent protection from outdoor elements, especially in rough driving conditions. The material can easily last for 10 years if maintained well. We provide instructions to ensure your Clear Bra stays intact and causes no damage to the vehicle.

The quality of Clear Bra depends on installation technique. We have 30 years experience combined so we know how this material works. Our team will make sure coverage is seamless and your car looks good.

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