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What do you need to know about door cups?

Door cups are located behind its handles. They provide a convenient space for your fingers to fit into while opening doors. These cups are present in almost every car and are one of the most visible features of its design. Most car owners don’t focus on this important but a small aspect of their vehicle so they forget it requires maintenance as well.

This section of your vehicle, along with the door handle, comes in regular contact with your hands. Body oils, dirt, and things like food particles can transfer onto the cups easily. While cars are designed to handle all kinds of outdoor conditions, this unique combination of elements can cause damage.

Eroding paint, chips, scratches caused by rings or other jewelry, etc, in the cup can compromise your car’s beauty. Installing PPF is a good way to protect the surface. This specially designed material will make sure a door cup doesn’t look more damaged than the rest of your car.

What is door cup PPF?

PPF stands for paint protection film and is designed to make sure outdoor elements don’t damage a car’s surface. Door cup PPF is a small, carefully cut piece of plastic that fits into place perfectly. It is custom cut to suit the contours of different car cups so you can find something for your Mercedes Benz or Ford without problems. Regular, uncut PPF can be used for this purpose, but installation is a bit more difficult under those circumstances.

PPF is a thin, urethane-based plastic film. It is clear so there’s no alteration in color or appearance. This product was originally designed by 3M to protect military helicopter rotor blades but it has improved over time. PPF is thinner, more suitable for the curved contours of modern cars, and very resilient. If you install it correctly, this film will stay in place for more than 10 years with proper maintenance. Door cup protections ensure regular use don’t take their toll on your car’s finish.

How does PPF protect your door cups?

Door cups aren’t as exposed to friction, flying debris, and outdoor weather conditions as other features of your car. Its sunken design along with the door handle offers some measure of protection against these elements. But that doesn’t mean cups can do without additional protection. Here’s how a PPF layer can help:

· Barrier between your hand and paint – PPF forms a resilient barrier between your fingers and the door cups’ paint layer. No matter how many times you open or close the door, nothing is transferred from your fingers onto the painted surface.

· Doesn’t wear down easily – Modern PPFs are usually 8mm thick and have multiple layers. The top layer protects the underlying paint from outside forces while the bottom layer provides superior adhesion. Thanks to this layered design, you don’t have to worry about replacing this film frequently.

· Color and consistency – If the cup is too worn down, differences between its color and the color of your car surface will be immediately noticeable. Repainting just this small section can be expensive and compromise your vehicle’s appearance. This film will ensure the underlying paint doesn’t fade.

Good quality film can protect door cups for up to 10 years easily, especially if it is maintained well. This installation isn’t expensive or difficult but it can save you a lot of money on repairs.


Do you need professional installation?

Many people hesitate to hire a professional for such a small installation. They purchase DIY kits from stores and try installation without assistance. Unfortunately, this can lead to disastrous results. Here are some reasons why professional installation is a good idea:

· Experienced installers will know what kind of film you need. They will use reliable products from well-established companies like XPEL or Suntek for best results.

· Installation can be tricky because the cup is located behind a door handle. It’s not easy to ensure there are no bubbles or gaps in the application. Professional installers will double check to make sure its surface is smooth.

· They’ll make sure there are no lingering dirt particles or moisture underneath your newly installed film. Professionals clean the cup surface thoroughly before installation.

· They’ll also make sure this film surface is seamless and its edges lay flat. Because of cup design, poorly installed films can start peeling off at the edges. Professionals will make sure this doesn’t happen.

Most inexperienced installers go through multiple films before they get the process right. This is a waste of product and money. While DIY installation may seem affordable, it can quickly become more expensive than professional installation.

Our team has more than 30 years of combined experience in this field so they will make sure there are no problems during installation. They will recommend good products, double check installation, and provide care instructions so your door cup PPF lasts for a long time.



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