What do you need to know about door edges?

Door edges are thin strips of metal running along car door corners. They make sure your vehicle looks streamlined and protect gaps, limiting exposure to the exterior elements. Edges are a part of its structure so you should ensure they remain undamaged. As these components are thin, they’re more vulnerable to wear than any other component of a car.

Unfortunately, car owners easily forget about taking care of them. Most people don’t even notice the damage until it spreads over a large area. Taking preventive measures is important to reduce door edge damage because these sections are not easily repaired.

Sometimes vehicle owners replace the entire door because the edges are too damaged. We always encourage clients to keep an eye on these edges and make sure they’re in good condition. Our experts a willingly provide effective solutions so you can make the right decision. One of our most common recommendations is edge PPF.

What is door edge PPF?

PPF stands for Paint Protection Film, but this product does a lot more than protecting the paint. It is made from a resilient urethane-based plastic material, designed to endure all kinds of wear and tear. 3M first developed it on the request of the military. They wanted something that could protect helicopter blades from flying sand or debris.

The film has developed considerably since then. It is now durable, resistant to scratches, thin, and flexible so we can install it on all kinds of surfaces, including door edges. Door edge PPF looks like adhesive tape but the material used is much more advanced. This thin and narrow strip comes in different sizes and lengths so you can install it on all kinds of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, sports cars, and luxury vehicles.

Once installed correctly, the film will remain in place, protecting your edges for nearly 10 years. PPF is made from a stretchable material and isn’t as flimsy as other plastics of similar consistency. It won’t develop tears or edges over time.

Do door edges need Paint Protection Film?

Most people don’t take edge protection seriously and feel that this thin film won’t be effective. Edges are vulnerable to damage and some of the damage they endure includes:

· Rough use – Have you absentmindedly slammed your vehicle door? Many vehicle owners use theirs roughly, without even realizing how much damage they’re causing. Edge paint can crack or the surface can develop scratches because of this rough use.

· Exposure to moisture – Edges are thin and vulnerable, more likely to develop rust. Cracks or scratches on edge paint can reveal the unprotected metal underneath. If this area develops rust, the problem will spread, harming other sections of the door.

· Opening the door carelessly – You should make sure there’s enough space to open a car door while getting out of it. Sometimes people forget, which can cause small accidents. If it bangs against tree branches, sidewalks, gates, etc, it sustains a lot of damage. Edges are weaker so they have a higher chance of becoming scratched.

· Poor cleaning and maintenance – Factors like dust, dirt, lingering moisture, etc, cause damage to the edges. If you don’t clean your doors regularly and don’t remove debris from door sills, scratches are inevitable.

As you can see, your door’s edge can easily sustain damage during regular use. PPF can help you avoid this damage and ensure it doesn’t spread to other sections of your door. This small investment will ensure you needn’t spend too much money on repairs later.


What are the benefits of PPF?

PPF has a number of properties that can keep edges in good condition. This material is thin but made from multiple layers. The topmost layer provides effective protection. It doesn’t scratch or tear easily, even during rough use. This film is hydrophobic; water or debris don’t linger on its surface, which reduces the chances of rusting or corrosion.

PPF is also self-healing so if it is scratched, the material will heal naturally, leaving no vulnerable points on your car’s surface. This film should be installed carefully because it is easy to leave gaps during the application process. As the plastic wraps around the edge of your car’s door, gaps or bubbles aren’t immediately noticeable. A perfectly installed film will stay in place for over 10 years, ensuring your door edge is intact.

Professionals have several years of experience in this field. They have carried out hundreds of edge film installations over time. Our team will double check everything to make sure the application is even and there are no gaps. They’ll use good quality PPF from companies like Suntek or XPEL that have proven to perform well in different kinds of driving conditions. Our experts will provide unbiased advice on different door edge film products.



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