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What is a car door sill?

Car door sill is a small strip of metal placed at the base of your doors. These plates offer support, protecting your car’s frame to ensure there’s no sagging. Sills also provide a solid footing, allowing you to climb in and out of your vehicle comfortably. These plates become even more important in larger vehicles like SUVs which have a higher ground clearance than regular vehicles. In such cars, a stable door sill surface is especially important.

car paint protectionThese sills are one of the most neglected parts of any vehicle, often subjected to constant traffic and regular wear. They are located at every door but the driver’s side door plates experience most wear and tear. If you don’t protect these installations, the car will require expensive repairs down over time. Sill surfaces are easy to protect and maintain, you just need to install a good quality paint protection film on the surface.

Why does it need protection?

Door sills experience a lot of wear and tear, especially in areas with frequent traffic like the driver’s side section. Here are some reasons why you need additional protection to ensure this surface remains in good condition:

· Sills have a textured surface that can trap dirt and moisture. Both of these components can damage the sill plate, resulting in corrosion or rust.

· Frequent traffic over the surface can compromise structural integrity. Debris trapped in shoes will cause scratches, dents, chips, etc. All of these factors weaken the sill’s surface, which leads to problems like rust.

· If your sills aren’t repaired or replaced in time, corrosion or rust can penetrate beyond this plate and impact the frame of your vehicle.

· Damaged, scratched, or rusted sills mar the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. This is even more apparent in high-end luxury vehicles, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in some protection.

These factors show just how vulnerable door sills can be. While they’re made from resilient materials, sills can become damaged over time. Repairing or replacing them is expensive. Installing sill PPF is a more affordable alternative.

What is PPF??

PPF is a resilient urethane-based film designed to protect automobile components from wear. Paint Protection Film is thin and flexible so we can easily smooth it over all kinds of surfaces, including door sills. This film was originally designed to cover helicopter rotor blades, protecting them from flying debris. It was thicker, more suitable for flat surfaces. Modern PPF has evolved considerably over time. It doesn’t have a yellowish tint, and with proper maintenance, can last for more than 10 years.

PPF is completely clear so your door sill design won’t be disrupted. All the branding and the manufacturer logo will be clearly visible through this thin plastic film. PPF is relatively scratch resistant and has a self-healing property. All scratches disappear within a few minutes after being exposed to adequate heat.

These films are OEM products, approved by well-established automobile manufacturers. Companies like XPEL and Suntek provide proven products that perform well in real life conditions. Our team offers honest advice on all products so you can make a good decision.


What are the benefits of PPF?

PPF installation provides many benefits and also offers a great deal of value for money. That’s why it’s a good idea to install this film on your door sills as soon as you buy a new car. Here’s a brief look at the benefits of this coverage:

· This film doesn’t allow dirt to accumulate on the surface and is easy to clean. PPF’s smooth texture ensures all the debris just slides off, keeping all underlying material safe.

· Good quality film has hydrophobic properties and will actively protect your sills from moisture. Water flows off the surface, leaving it dry so you won’t have to worry about rusting.

· This wrap will help preserve your door sills’ appearance, protecting them from scratches and similar marks.

PPF installation doesn’t cost a lot of money but can help save a substantial amount on repairs. The process doesn’t take much time as door sills are a relatively small section of your vehicle.

Why is professional installation necessary?

While there are DIY kits available, professional installation is your best choice. If there are any bubbles or gaps on a film’s surface, moisture and debris will become trapped underneath. That doesn’t just make these sills difficult to clean, but can also cause corrosion. Professionals receive training from manufacturers and have ample experience so they know how to install these films seamlessly.

Our team has a combined experience of over 30 years. They have carried out many door sill PPF installations in their lifetime so they understand how this material works. They’ll make sure there are no gaps on the surface. Our team will double check everything before handing your car keys back to you.



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