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What do you need to know about PPF?

A car’s paint layer is vulnerable to scratches and chips caused by rough driving conditions, flying debris, weather conditions, etc. PPF is a barrier between your vehicle and these elements. This film is thin, nearly undetectable if installed correctly, and can last for over 10 years with good maintenance.

PPF is clear, so it doesn’t have any impact on your car’s color. Unlike older versions, the modern film doesn’t have any yellow tint. Poor quality PPF can yellow with exposure to the sun but tested products from companies like XPEL and Suntek are more resistant, remaining clear and colorless for a long time. If you want to protect your vehicle from outside conditions, installing this film will help. We offer different coverage options like standard, full front, and the full car wrap. The last option provides the best protection.

What is full car wrap?

Standard wrap covers vulnerable sections while full front covers the entire front portion of your vehicle. Full car covers your entire vehicle, providing comprehensive protection against all kinds of wear. Unlike other options, this wrap will even cover areas that aren’t as likely to become damaged. This means there are no patches of worn and faded spots because of partial coverage.

We approach full car film installation in two ways; by simply applying it to all exposed areas or by removing side mirrors, bumpers, door handles, etc, during the installation process. The second option provides a more thorough coverage though it is a little more expensive due to the additional labor involved. Both options provide comprehensive protection with a seamless finish, making them great choices for high-end vehicles.

What does full car wrap cover?

We do our best to cover all exposed features of your vehicle to provide maximum protection. Our installers will meticulously smooth the thin PPF material over all the contours of a car, making sure there are no bubbles or edges on its surface. Covering the entire vehicle ensures all wear is consistent and helps keep it in good condition. Here’s what we cover in our full car wrap plans:

· Complete front and rear bumper
· Complete hood with wrapped edges
· All fenders
· Headlights
· Side mirrors
· All doors
· Rocker Panels
· Rear Quarter Panels
· Full Roof
· Complete Trunk

As you can see, this coverage option is comprehensive, designed to provide maximum coverage. It is also customizable so clients can request changes or additions if needed. We encourage you to discuss all requirements with our installation experts for best results.


Advantages of full car wrap?

As this plan provides comprehensive coverage, it has many advantages. If you want to decide if this option is worth your money, consider the benefits mentioned below:

· Maintaining the car’s condition – As your car isn’t partially exposed to the elements, this coverage ensures it remains in good condition for a long time. Full wrap is a good option for luxury cars with great resale value. Sometimes owners recover their investment on a complete wrap after a sale.

· Easy to maintain – Modern PPFs have hydrophobic properties, which means they don’t allow dirt or water to accumulate on your vehicle’s surface. Car owners have an easier time cleaning and maintaining their vehicle if there’s a full coverage film on it.

· Saving money on future repairs – Scratches cause permanent damage. They don’t just harm your vehicle’s appearance but also its structural integrity. A small scratch can remove surface protection, so the underlying material is vulnerable to moisture. Repairing this damage can cost a lot of money, which is why we recommend a the complete wrap.

Once installed, this wrap will last for more than 10 years so the initial investment is worth it. If you’re still uncertain about full car coverage, discuss your requirements with our expert installers. They’ll help you make the right choice.

Do you need a full car wrap?

Full car coverage is expensive so most people wonder if they really need it. We encourage our clients to consider the factors mentioned below before they make a decision:

· Value of your vehicle – Expensive vehicles need additional protection to preserve their value. If your car costs more than $20,000 to 30,000 dollars, investing in full body car wrap is a good decision.

· Commercial or industrial use – If you use a vehicle for commercial or industrial purposes, a full wrap will help reduce wear. Multiple trips along different kinds of road and weather conditions can take their toll. Full coverage will protect your vehicle from friction, flying debris, pests, etc, reducing repair or repainting costs.

· Off road conditions – Driving in off-road conditions can cause extensive damage to the paint finish. The full wrap will ensure you can drive on different kinds of terrain without worrying about your car’s condition.

These factors make full wrap worth the expense. However, you need to make sure this film is installed for experienced professionals for best results.



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