Full Front Wrap

What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film is a thin urethane-based thermoplastic material designed to protect cars from scratches, chips, and other such marks. This material forms a barrier between your vehicle and the outside environment, making sure no damage penetrates its surface layer. PPF will help preserve the quality of your original paint finish, so it looks as good as new at all times.

This is a thin, clear layer of plastic so you don’t need to worry about its impact on the car’s appearance. Unlike older versions of this film, modern PPF doesn’t have a yellowish tint or any texture to compromise the appearance of your vehicle. These films are available in high-gloss and satin matte finishes so you don’t have to cover up your matte painted car with glossy protective films. We offer different coverage options with PPF and one of them is a full front wrap.

What is full front wrap?

Full front wrap is our mid-range coverage option. It doesn’t provide as much protection as a full body coverage but offers more protection than our standard option. This coverage option is a good choice for drivers who are willing to spend a little more on protection but don’t want to go all out. The film will cover everything you see when you stand directly in front of your vehicle. These areas sustain a lot of friction during driving, especially in rough conditions.

Our installers will apply good quality film from companies like XPEL or Suntek to ensure these areas have the maximum amount of protection. This film protects the vehicle from scratches, marks, or chips. This doesn’t just preserve your vehicle’s looks but also protects its structural integrity.

What does full front wrap cover?

The front portion of your vehicle experiences maximum friction and drag while driving. Flying debris can collide with your car’s surface, causing permanent physical damage, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in a full front wrap cover. This option will protect important areas like:

· Full front bumper
· Full Fenders instead of partial fenders provided in a standard wrap
· Complete hood instead of partial hood provided in a standard wrap
· Side mirrors

We make sure the installation is seamless and wrap the edges wherever necessary. This coverage plan offers considerable protection and is customizable as well. If you need to cover any additional areas, just let our installers know. They will calculate all measurements and provide a custom quote for your custom installation.

Advantages of full front wrap

Full front wrap reaches the ideal middle ground between basic protection and full protection. It is one of our most recommended plans because it offers sufficient coverage for many driving conditions or requirements. Here are some of the biggest advantages of a full front wrap:

· Good coverage – Full front wrap provides great coverage. While we don’t apply PPF to all vulnerable areas of your vehicle, we do cover places that endure the highest amount of friction.

· Reasonably priced – This is our most reasonably priced coverage plan, but not our most affordable. Full front coverage provides great value for money so if you want to spend less but still get substantial protection, this is a good option.

· Preserves car’s value – As PPF covers a large area, all paint underneath remains undamaged. If the original paint is preserved, a car has higher resale value. Most high-end luxury car owners want to preserve this value as much as possible.

· Helps save money on repainting – Repairing or repainting a scratched vehicle can be very expensive, especially if you have a luxury machine. It can also place your car at risk, which is why we recommend installing some protective film.

These are just some of the advantages of full front wrap coverage. You can discuss its pros and cons with our experienced installers to determine if this plan is a good option.

Is it the right choice for you?

There are several factors that influence a car owner’s decision to install vehicle wrap. We always encourage discussing your requirements with our experienced team, but here are some factors that you should consider:

· Driving frequency – If you intend to drive your car to work every day, it needs better protection and standard wrap just won’t be sufficient. That’s more suitable for occasional trips and joyrides on weekends. The daily commute can be tough on your vehicle so superior coverage is a good idea.

· Environmental conditions – Environmental conditions also play a big role in this decision. If your region has a dry, dusty environment or experiences frequent rain, you might need better protection. It’s also a good idea to take road conditions into account.

These factors along with cost can help you determine if the full front wrap is the right option. This coverage won’t cover your entire vehicle so there are some vulnerable spots exposed to the elements. But it is a good choice for moderate driving conditions.


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