Full or partial rear bumper

What do you need to know about bumpers?

A vehicle is meticulously designed to provide the safest ride possible. Every component serves a particular purpose and ensures your vehicle performs up to expectations, reaching its destination intact. A bumper is an important component of your vehicle’s safety system. This component is located at both, the front and back of your vehicle, offering essential protection from small collisions or accidents.

Bumper accidents are fairly common and relatively harmless. It happens quite often during heavy traffic conditions. That’s one of the reasons why scratched, dented, and chipped bumpers are fairly common. These fixtures protect your car’s engine, lights, and other such components by absorbing the impact from accidents.

You can avoid expensive repairs as most damage is focused on one, easy-to-fix structure. All bumpers are specially designed so they sustain very little damage during mild impacts, but they’re not invulnerable. That’s why we encourage clients to install bumper protection film.

Why does a bumper need Paint Protection Film coverage?

No matter which car you own, it’s a good idea to install good quality Paint Protection Film over its bumpers. Even well-made luxury car components require additional protection because this is one of the most vulnerable features a vehicle. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing PPF:

· Impact zone – The bumper is a designated impact zone, so it’s built to absorb the impact of a collision. But that leaves behind clear marks on the fixture’s surface. While PPF can’t completely stop dents, it can protect your vehicle from scratches. This film is fairly scratch-resistant so your bumper will look undamaged after a minor impact.

· Close to the ground – These components are located close to the ground so they’re constantly bombarded with sand, debris, flying rocks, etc. All of these factors can leave their mark. Your bumper will start developing faint scratch or scuff marks within weeks of purchase.

· Exposed to friction – Aerodynamic force and related friction are mostly concentrated at the front of any vehicle. Front bumpers often endure this friction constantly during drives. That can take its toll on its appearance, causing their color and shine to fade away over time. PPF will protect the underlying material from this friction, ensuring the paint remains vibrant for many years.

· Highly visible – Bumpers are highly visible so people notice any cosmetic problem immediately. This can be a big blemish on your otherwise beautiful car. The protective film has a self-healing property so all scratches disappear overnight.

As you can see, PPF offers many advantages. We encourage clients to install it on their front and rear bumpers as soon as they buy a car.

What is the difference between full and partial bumper installation?

There are two options available to people who want to install PPF on bumpers. Car owners can choose between partial and full coverage. Both options provide ample protection to your vehicle and can be a good choice based on your requirements. Here’s a look at some key differences between them:

· Partial coverage is more affordable as it only covers the most vulnerable sections of your bumpers. Areas that are more likely to become scratched or dented are protected.

· With full coverage, you get an even layer of film over the entire bumper. The installers will make sure no area is exposed and all edges are covered too. This option provides maximum protection, but the cost is higher than partial coverage.

Our expert team can explain the pros and cons of both options, offering unbiased advice. This helps clients decide which coverage is a good choice for them.


How much protection do you need?

Car owners often struggle to make a choice between full and partial options. We encourage you to consider the factors mentioned below before making a decision:

· How often will you drive? – If you drive often, the car might need superior bumper protection. Partial coverage is a good choice for infrequent use like driving during a weekend or going on occasional long trips. Full installation will be a good choice for daily driving, making multiple trips to different locations, etc.

· Road conditions – As a bumper is very close to the road, it’s important to factor road conditions into this decision. Full coverage is the best choice for driving in off-road conditions regularly. If you only drive on smooth, paved roads, partial coverage is sufficient.

· What kind of car do you own? – Supercars that can reach speeds of more than 200mph require better protection. Owners of zippy Porsche or Ferraris should consider investing in a full wrap. More affordable and regular commute cars might not require this level of protection.

As mentioned before, partial coverage is more affordable while full coverage can be a little expensive in comparison. Consider your budget before making a decision. Make sure the film is installed by a professional.



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