What do you need to know about headlights?

A vehicle has many safety features that make driving in different conditions easier. Headlights are an important aspect of your car’s safety features. They illuminate the road before the vehicle so a driver can spot any obstacle or signs quickly and clearly. Without these lamps, driving in dark or low-light conditions will be impossible. Lights also make cars in oncoming traffic aware of your presence, which helps avoid an accident.

Headlights have evolved considerably over time, becoming brighter, more efficient. Modern lamps have a much greater reach and consume less energy in general. High-end or luxury vehicles have sophisticated light systems to improve driving quality. It is now easier to see clearly from a much farther distance.

There are different kinds of vehicle headlights available today and they include LED, HID, ultra-clear polycarbonate, laser lamps, acrylic lenses, etc. These lenses are designed to last for a long time with proper maintenance. Regardless of their structural integrity, you should consider adding more protection. Increased protection will help extend the light’s lifespan, reducing the possibilities of repairs.

What kind of problems do they face?

Modern headlights are made from specialized, tested materials so they’re more durable and resilient than their predecessors. However, they’re not invulnerable so everything from weather to driving conditions can have an impact on them. Here’s a list of problems they can face:

· Flying debris – Headlights are resilient, but they’re also positioned very close to the ground. The front section of a vehicle, especially areas close to the ground are quite vulnerable. Dirt, sand, salt, and small stones pelt these components during every drive, regardless of the road conditions. This can cause extensive damage including scratches, cracks, marks, etc.

· Excessive sunlight – Headlamps come with some UV protection but constant exposure to sunlight can take its toll. They can become dull, cloudy, and faded over time. Unfortunately, this has an impact on your a light’s clarity. You won’t be able to see as far in dim light, which will increase accident risk.

As you can see, headlights are vulnerable so additional protection can help ensure they’re not damaged during regular drives.

What is the best solution?

We recommend installing a protective wrap over your headlights to protect them. Not all wraps are suitable for these features. Colored films made from leather or vinyl won’t let any light pass through, which will defeat the purpose of these components. Headlamp Protection Film is an ideal solution for this problem. This thin film is made from transparent urethane plastic specially designed for this purpose. It won’t disrupt the flow of light from your lamps so you needn’t worry about getting involved in accidents.

Protection film only requires a small initial investment but provides several long-term benefits. Most films come with extensive warranties and will last for over 10 years if maintained well. This makes headlamp protection film a good solution.

How does this film protect headlights?

Protection film is designed to provide excellent protection. It was first developed to protect helicopter rotor blades from sand or debris. Modern films are thinner, colorless, and more effective. Here are some ways in which PF can protect your headlights:

· Protection from cracks – These films are reasonably thick so they provide superior protection against different kinds of wear. For example, a small rock colliding with the surface will only cause minimal damage. Headlamp protection film has a resilient outer skin that’s resistant to scratches or scuff marks. Its inner layer melds in seamlessly with your headlight’s lens, smoothing out any texture or scratches.

· Durable – Not only is this film relatively scratch resistant, it also has self-healing properties. Even the lingering heat of your headlights will soften PF enough to heal any scratches. This means your installation will last for a long time.

· UV protection – Sunlight can cause a lot of problems. Not only does it damage a headlight lens, but it can also cause a poor quality film to turn yellow. A good quality product with proper UV protection capabilities will not grow yellow with age and it will protect your lens.

Headlight protection film provides excellent optical clarity so your lamps will be bright, providing great visibility in low light conditions. Good quality films from companies like Suntek and XPEL will provide all the protection you need.

Why hire professionals?

Applying this film might seem like an easy task at first glance, but it does require a professional hand. Poor application techniques are often the cause of related problems like bubbling, fogging, and peeling. Professionally installed wraps provide the best protection, lasting for a longer period of time. Our installers have ample installation experience and will make sure there are no gaps. They will also recommend products that work well on headlights instead of standard painted surfaces. Most wraps are made from thermoplastic so you need a film that withstands temperature changes without becoming weak. Our team can help with that.


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