What is Paint Protection Film made from?

Paint protection film is made from a specialized urethane plastic material. It is thin, clear, and nearly undetectable after application. Your vehicle’s original color finish will shine through while being protected by a layer of resilient plastic at the same time. This film was specifically designed for modern cars and provides maximum protection.

PPF is made from thermoplastic, which is malleable when exposed to heat. This material becomes soft so we can mold it over the contours of your vehicle easily. Earlier versions of PPF weren’t this thin and flexible; getting an even seamless finish wasn’t easy. The material has developed considerably over time and is perfectly suitable for modern car applications now. If you’re looking for resilient protection that doesn’t impact your vehicle’s appearance, PPF is the best choice for you.

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Characteristics of PPF

There are many kinds of wraps available in the market and all of them provide some level of protection. Vinyl and leather wraps are ideal for clients who want to alter the appearance of their cars. PPF is ideal for clients that want protection but don’t want to alter their car’s appeal. Here are some of the stand-out characteristics of PPF:

· Clear finish – PPF has a clear finish. There’s no tint so your car’s true color is apparent through this material. Other wraps alter a vehicle’s appearance but PPF is undetectable.

· High gloss or matte – This film is available in high-gloss and matte finishes. High-gloss will add another level of shine to your car while matte matches a factory painted matte finish accurately.

· Self-healing properties – As PPF is made from thermoplastic material, it has self-healing properties. Small scratches and tears will disappear overnight after being exposed to some warmth.

· Hydrophobic properties – Modern PPF from companies like XPEL and Suntek have hydrophobic properties, which means this material doesn’t allow dirt or moisture accumulation. Maintaining and cleaning this material is easy.

· Different levels of thickness – Its thickness determines the level of resilience. Some PPF products are very thin, designed for gentle use. Others are thick, designed for off-road or rough driving conditions.

· Resistance to scratches – All PPF products are relatively scratch resistant so they don’t become damaged easily. This, along with the self-healing property ensures these films are very durable.

If you want to know more about PPF’s characteristics or benefits, contact our experts. They will provide straightforward answers to your questions so you can make an informed decision.

Is it worth the expense?

PPF is more expensive than other wrapping products but it is also less expensive than repainting your vehicle. It will protect all essential areas like bumpers, fenders, hoods, and even roofs from damage. Flying debris, attempts at vandalism, rough driving conditions, and other such factors can cause permanent damage to your vehicle.

They don’t just scratch paint but also compromise structural integrity. Scratches can expose your car to moisture, cause rust and other related problems. Repainting or repairs can be more expensive than installing full body wrap, especially if you have a high-end luxury car. That’s why PPF is worth the expense.


How long will it last?

With proper maintenance along with reasonable driving conditions, your wrap will last for 7 to 10 years. In most cases, it can last longer. Companies like Suntek or XPEL provide 10-year warranties on their products so you can expect a film to last that long. Not all PPF products are made equal. An aftermarket brand that isn’t approved by automobile manufacturers will barely last 10 years, especially in rough driving conditions. Choose good quality films and an experienced installer for this job.

Which coverage option should you choose?

We offer multiple coverage options and all of them provide some level of protection. Our experts can offer advice on which option is suitable for you. Here’s a brief introduction to coverage plans:

· Standard – This option provides basic protection, covering areas that are most likely to become damaged like bumpers, fenders, and side mirrors. This is our most affordable option.

· Full front wrap – The front of any vehicle is exposed to a lot of flying debris, friction, and other such elements. Full frontal wrap covers your car’s front section, including its food, full fenders, bumpers, etc.

· Full body wrap – This wrap covers all exposed or vulnerable areas of your car’s body, providing maximum protection. Full body PPF is our most expensive option.

It’s a good idea to consider your usage, regular driving conditions, and the value of your vehicle before making a choice. Make sure your film is installed by a well-trained professional with experience. Good quality film applied by inexperienced individuals is just a waste of money. It won’t last long or offer much protection. Our team has a combined experience of more than 30 years so they understand this process well and will make sure your PPF is installed correctly.

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