Rocker Panel

What are rocker panels?

Rocker panels are an important part of a car’s structure. They provide stability, ensuring the vehicle’s body doesn’t rattle too much. They are located along a vehicle’s sides, including front and rear wheel well openings. These stamped pieces of metal are often neglected as owners don’t realize just how important they can be for their car’s structural integrity. These are the only components aside from roof supports to connect your car’s front and rear frames. A vehicle won’t stay intact without them.

Rocker panels are also needed to provide accident protection, ensuring your car’s passenger cabin doesn’t get crushed during impact. It also ensures the middle portion of your car doesn’t sag, destabilizing the structure. These components are located at the car’s base, which makes it easier for owners to forget about them. Sporty, high-end machines have inward curving sheets to reduce drag so they’re easy to miss. Lack of proper maintenance or protection can damage these panels and compromise your vehicle’s structural integrity.

Why do they need protection?

Protecting these components will extend your car’s lifespan and keep it in good shape. Preventative measures like PPF coverage can help keep this stamped metal sheet in good condition. Rocker panels need good quality protection because:

· Lack of cleaning or maintenance – Even comprehensive car washing doesn’t clean rocker panels as well as it should so there’s a lot of dirt and moisture accumulated on the surface. This can cause excessive corrosion over time, compromising the panel’s structural integrity.

· Rusting – Rusting is very common in rocker panels. Excessive moisture, exposure to weather conditions, poor cleaning, etc, contribute towards this problem. People don’t notice this rust until the metal is severely compromised. At this point, you have no choice but to replace them.

· Off-road stress – Rocker panels endure a lot of stress during driving, especially during off-road driving conditions. While these components are resilient and designed to withstand load, they can develop cracks and dents over time. That’s especially true if they’re bombarded with flying debris on every drive. If you intend to drive in rough conditions regularly, additional protection is essential.

These components are vulnerable, which is why you should take protective measures to limit damage to them by a considerable margin. PPF is a good way to shield your car’s panels from the outdoor environment.

What is PPF?

PPF is a thin sheet made of a urethane compound. It can be applied to all kinds of car surfaces, protecting them from scratches and chip. PPF is thermoplastic, so it responds to heat, letting us smooth it over a stamped sheet surface like rocker panels easily. These films are at least 8mils thick and are available in thicker versions as well. We will install a resilient film over your rocker panel so it gets maximum protection.

PPF is hydrophobic so dirt and moisture don’t accumulate on the surface. Cleaning your rocker panels is easier and regular cleaning reduces the chances of damage. PPF also has self-healing properties so all scratches or small tears disappear after being exposed to some warmth.

Good quality films will last for more than 10 years, especially if you take proper care of the surface. These wraps are easy to install and replace, making them an ideal protection option for rocker panels.

Will PPF have an impact on your car’s appearance?

Paint Protection Film is clear without any coloring. The design and color of your underlying rocker panel shine through so there’s no impact on your vehicle’s appearance. PPF is available in high-gloss and matte finishes so you can choose what suits your vehicle’s appearance best.

Modern PPF doesn’t have any yellowish tint. However, some poor quality films will develop a tint after consistent exposure to the sun. Good quality films from brands like XPEL or Suntek last for more than 10 years without yellowing. Cheaper brands only last for 2 – 3 years before requiring replacement.

Is it worth the expense?

Rocker panel PPFs are resilient, designed to last years under rough conditions. They don’t budge from the surface if installed properly, providing consistent protection. If you don’t have this protection, your panels will rest, crack, and develop problems quickly. Repairing or replacing these panels is more expensive than installing a PPF wrap.

Just make sure the installation is carried out by a professional with experience in this field. Poor installation causes extensive damage. If PPF surface has bubbles or gaps, water and dust will penetrate the film to corrode the underlying metal. Our team has a combined experience of more 30 years so they know how to install these films well.

We install this film meticulously, making sure all edges are covered and there are no bubbles on its surface. Our team will double check everything after the installation is complete to make sure they’ve not missed anything.


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