What is a roof strip?

A roof is the topmost component of your vehicle, located directly above indoor cabin area. In most cars, this structure is fixed and unmovable. In a convertible, the roof can be removed during pleasant weather. The roof is a highly visible aspect of your car. The structure is exposed to friction, flying debris, excessive sunlight, heat, rain, and other such elements. Without good protection, it can become damaged very easily. With proper protective measures and maintenance, you can keep your car roof in a great condition.

Roof strips seal gaps between a car’s roof and frame, making sure no moisture penetrates its surface to reach your vehicle’s interior. This is made from rubber material and can also be damaged by outdoor elements. That’s why you must protect both your roof and its rubber strip. The best way to do that is to install Paint Protection Film on them.

Why does it need protection?

Exposure to outdoor elements can take its toll, even on durable surfaces that are specially designed for such conditions. Your car roof will need a lot of protection, especially the roof strip and here are some reasons why:

· Exposure to heat – Heat, and sunlight can harden the roof strip rubber seal, making it brittle. That can weaken its seal, forcing you to replace your car’s entire strip so it can be protected from further damage.

· Tearing off – A roof strip can tear off after some time. Car owners have experienced strips coming apart during washes or maintenance. This can compromise your vehicle’s structural integrity, exposing vulnerable joints to the outdoor elements.

· Protection for the roof –The roof can become faded and dull after exposure to sunlight. Damaging elements like bird droppings, debris, wind, etc. can scratch, chip or corrode its paint.

There are many other reasons to cover a roof and its strip with PPF. Our team will explain the benefits if needed and recommend proven products so you can make a good choice for your car.

What is PPF??

Paint Protection Film is a thin sheet of urethane-based plastic designed. It was originally designed for military use to protect helicopter rotor blades from flying debris. Manufacturers noticed it could protect car paint finishes and refined this material further. Early versions of PPF were thicker and had a yellowish tint, designed for flat surfaces. Aesthetics weren’t a priority, which is why that version of PPF wasn’t suitable for regular cars.

Modern PPF is thinner and doesn’t have any tint. We can use it on all kinds of automobile surfaces with good results. PPF is resilient, capable of withstanding weather conditions, debris, and other elements. As a thermoplastic, it responds to heat, so it has self-healing properties. Small scratches on the film will disappear after being exposed to a sufficient amount of warmth.

This film can last for more than 10 years if maintained properly. Companies like XPEL and Suntek provide long warranties so once you install this film, you don’t need to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Our experts are happy to provide you information about PPF so you can make the right decision.


Will PPF have an impact on your car’s appearance?

PPF comes in high-gloss or matte finishes but is completely clear. The original color of your vehicle will shine through and its appearance won’t be affected by the film. A properly installed PPF wrap has a seamless finish so there are no visible edges or bubbles on its surface. We recommend using matte wrap on your vehicle if it has a satin matte finish.

High-gloss wraps add an extra shine to any surface. As all scratches heal with exposure to some warmth, there will be no marks left behind. While most films are around 8mils in thickness, they are very resilient and won’t allow marks to go beyond their surface layer. This ensures your vehicle looks brand new for a long time.

Why is professional installation necessary?

There are DIY installation kits available on the market, but the quality and durability of these wraps depend largely on installation. If this film is installed poorly, it will peel off in a matter of months and your vehicle will be vulnerable once again.

Our team has a combined experience of more than 30 years so they’ll make sure the film is installed correctly. The additional cost of professional installation is worth it because PPF stays in place for several years without needing replacement.



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