Standard Wrap

What is PPF?

PPF stands for Paint Protection Film. It is designed to protect your vehicle from scratches and chips caused by flying debris, rough driving conditions, pests, tree sap, the weather, etc. This film is clear so it won’t have any impact on your vehicle’s appearance but will protect all covered areas well. PPF can last for over 10 years, especially if it is applied correctly and maintained well.

This thin layer of thermoplastic material is scratch resistant. It possesses self-healing properties, so every scratch heals with exposure to mild heat from the sun or even in your garage’s warm environment. While PPF might seem like an expensive investment at first, it can help preserve your car’s beauty and structural integrity for a long time. We offer different PPF coverage plans, which provide different protection levels. Our most popular plan is standard coverage.

What is standard wrap?

Standard wrap is our most affordable and basic coverage option, which is why it is so popular with vehicle owners. This is a good option for people who want to test resilience and efficiency of PPF without spending too much money. The film will cover your vehicle’s most vulnerable areas; these sustain more damage than other parts of your car. Additional protection on these areas ensures you don’t have to replace these components or repaint them anytime soon, both of which can be more expensive than standard wrap installation.

There’s no compromise on the quality of the work because we will use carefully manufactured films from companies like Suntek or XPEL. All covered components will be free of scratches or marks, ensuring your vehicle looks good.

What does standard wrap cover?

As mentioned before, standard wrap covers the most vulnerable areas on your vehicle, which are all the leading edges of a car. These areas endure maximum friction during a drive and are constantly bombarded by flying debris. They’re also highly visible so any damage to them is easily noticeable. Here’s a list of components we cover in our standard wrap plan:

· Full front bumper
· Both side mirrors
· Partial coverage for exposed fenders
· Partial hood coverage, about 12-18” of space from the leading edge

This coverage plan is customizable so you can ask us to cover additional components if needed. This level of protection ensures the most vulnerable aspects remain intact and unblemished for a long time.

Advantages of standard wrap

The standard wrap is a basic coverage option but has its advantages. You can consult with our expert installers to determine if this is a good option for your vehicle. Here’s a brief look at the biggest advantages of this wrap:

· Affordable – Clients are often intimidated by wrap installation costs. The standard wrap is a perfect choice for people who want protection but don’t want to spend too much money on it.

· Quick installation – As we only need to cover some areas of your vehicle, the installation process is quick. You will have your car back early and can get back on road immediately after the application is complete.

· Essential protection – Standard wrap provides essential protection and sometimes that’s all you need to keep your vehicle in good condition.

It’s a good idea to study the pros and cons of all plans carefully before making a decision. As these films can last for 10 years, your decision will have a long-term impact.

Is it the right choice for you?

We always encourage clients to speak with our experts about different plans so they have a full understanding of what they should expect. There are many factors to consider during this decision-making process such as:

· Budget – Cost is the biggest deciding factor in this process, which is why you should consider your budget carefully. If you can only spend a limited amount of money on PPF, the standard plan is a good option for you. Some protection is much better than no protection at all.

· Driving condition and frequency – If you only plan to drive your vehicle on clean roads during leisurely trips, this is more than enough to keep your car in good condition.

These are some factors that determine the level of protection you need to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Limitations of standard wrap

The biggest limitation of this option is the level of coverage it provides. It doesn’t cover all the vulnerable areas on a vehicle, just components that are most likely to become damaged. The standard option isn’t suitable for rough driving conditions or frequent use as it won’t provide a car with adequate protection for these circumstances. If you’re going to drive in rough conditions or on bad roads, consider our other coverage options.

No matter what level of coverage you choose, it’s important to get a professional installation. Poorly installed PPF won’t last long or provide good protection.

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