About Dodge

Dodge is a well-established manufacturer of muscle and sports cars, known for producing a line of powerful, zippy vehicles. It is an American brand owned by Fiat Chrysler founded in 1900 and produced trucks or full-sized vehicles in the past. Eventually, Dodge built compact cars, entering into the realm of high-performance vehicles. It now manufactures some of the most powerful cars available today.

Dodge has a good line of cars including everything from cruisers to SUVs. That’s one reason why it is a popular brand, especially in America. These machines combine power with beauty so they’ll definitely turn heads on the road. This is why you should consider installing a Paint Protection Film on your Dodge vehicle.

Paint Protection Film for Dodge

Things like flying debris, vandalism, and outdoor weather can cause damage to your car paint finish. It’s not uncommon for vehicles to develop scratches and chips within the first few rides, especially if you drive in adverse conditions. PPF offers protection, making sure no damage penetrates the surface layer to harm the finish of your car’s paint.

This film is a specially formulated compound first designed for military use. Car manufacturers and industry leaders eventually adapted it for regular cars, making the plastic more malleable and clearer. PPF is an OEM product, approved by almost all car manufacturers. While you might have to pay additional money to install this film, the long-term benefits are worth it.

How Paint Protection Film protects Dodge Cars?

Paint Protection Film is made from a specially designed polyurethane compound. This material forms a resilient barrier over the painted surface, so no scratches penetrate the top layer of plastic. PPF can last for nearly with good maintenance and longer if you don’t drive in adverse conditions often. Once the material becomes too worn down, you just need to replace it.

We offer standard, full frontal, full body, and stealth covering options. Standard is the most basic and affordable option, covering highly vulnerable areas like bumpers. Full frontal covers your car’s front portion, which includes its hood, front bumper, a portion of its roof, etc. Full body and stealth cover your entire vehicle, which is our most expensive option, offering comprehensive protection.

How is film customized for every type of vehicle?

PPF is a thermoplastic compound which makes this material sensitive to heat. When exposed to higher temperatures, the compound becomes soft and malleable. We press it to a car’s surface, apply a set temperature and carefully smooth PPF over the metal. This film adheres immediately and doesn’t move after it has cooled down. Because of the malleable nature of this material, it can be smoothed down over all kinds of surfaces.

That makes it suitable for modern curvy vehicles with clean lines and no sharp angles.PPF is thin and clear, so it has no impact on your car’s appearance aside from adding some extras. You can choose the stealth version if you want your car to have a satin matte finish.

Most Popular Dodge vehicles

Dodge has a lineup of some very exciting cars, but there are some that stand out more than others. These popular vehicles include:

· Challenger SRT Hellcat – This is a powerful head-turning vehicle, capable of reaching top speeds of nearly 199mph. It can go from 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds, making this car one of the fastest on a road.

· Durango – Durango is a big, sturdy SUV with three rows and ample space. It can go from 0-60mph in 6.1 seconds, reaching top speeds of 155mph.

Other cars in their lineup include Grand Caravan, Journey, Charger, and similar trims. PPF will make sure all Dodge cars look great.


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