About Jaguar

Jaguar is synonymous with luxury, being one of the most well-known manufacturers of vehicles in this category. It was first established in 1935 and since then has grown to be a worldwide presence. The brand is owned by Tata Motors and merged with Land Rover, becoming Jaguar Land Rover.

Jaguar has produced several beautiful and powerful vehicles in the past, all of them expertly engineered to deliver top performance. The company has a long lineup of vehicles in the market today, ranging from sporty convertibles to powerful sedans. These cars are just as beautiful as they are efficient. That’s why protecting the exterior finish with Paint Protection Film in important as it will make sure your luxury vehicle always looks as good as new.

Paint Protection Film for Jaguar

PPF or Paint Protection Film is a thermoplastic polyurethane substance;it’s wear-resistant and ideal for freshly painted car surfaces. This material was first developed for the military to protect helicopter blades from flying debris. The automotive industry realized its potential and adapted it for cars. Modern PPF is thinner, more flexible so it can be applied to all kinds of surfaces.

The film ensures no damage bypasses it and harms the underlying car paint. When applied correctly, PPF adheres to the surface and doesn’t move. This long-term protection is worth the small initial investment as repainting is more expensive than PPF application. If you want your new Jaguar’s paint to remain intact, this is a good choice.

How Paint Protection Film protects Jaguar Cars?

PPF forms a protective layer on a car’s painted surface, blending in seamlessly with its color. The plastic protects it from flying debris, rough driving conditions, attempted vandalism, etc. This layer can last up to 2-3 years, especially if you maintain your vehicle well. Replace the PPF before it becomes too thin as that will help protect your car’s finish for a longer period.

We offer four options, including standard, full frontal, full body, and stealth. Our standard option covers vulnerable areas are more likely to sustain damage. The full frontal option protects the front portion of your vehicle. Our full body option provides maximum protection, covering your entire vehicle in film.

How is film customized for every type of vehicle?

PPF is a thermoplastic material, so it is sensitive to heat. When we expose it to correct, preset temperatures, it softens and becomes very flexible. We can mold this cover over your car’s contours carefully, making sure there are no edges or bubbles anywhere. This product is completely flexible so no matter which Jaguar model you have, PPF will cover it adequately.

The film is clear, without any yellowish tint on it. This means PPF doesn’t alter your vehicle’s color or appearance in any way. It has a high-gloss finish that will subtly enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Stealth PPF offers a satin matte alternative to car owners who want something different.

Most Popular Jaguar vehicles

Jaguar has a good lineup of vehicles ranging from convertibles to sedans but some cars are more popular than others; some of these include:

· XJR575 – This is one of the best cars in Jaguar’s lineup, reaching speeds up to 186mph and going from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds. This machine performs like a beast on the road, which is why it is popular.

· E-Pace – E-Pace has all the Jaguar styling packed into a compact car. This zippy vehicle can reach speeds of 151mph, going from 0-60mph in 6.6 seconds.

· F-Pace – This model is for people who want a compact SUV. The car can travel at a maximum speed of 125mph, going from 0 to 60 in just 9.9 seconds. That is quick for a large SUV-style machine.

Cars capable of traveling at high speeds are more vulnerable to scratches, which is why you should protect your Jaguar with PPF.


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