About Volvo

Volvo is a Swedish company that has been in this industry since 1927, producing high-quality sedans, SUVs, and station wagons. It’s very popular in China, US, Sweden, and the EU, enjoying a great deal of success. This company has a wide range of cars so you can find something that suits your requirements easily. All vehicles are well-designed and expertly engineered, delivering great performance for many years.

Volvo is also forward-thinking, focusing on the environmental impact of vehicles. The company declared that all new vehicles it launches from 2019 will be either electric or hybrid-electric. It is the first company to completely switch from an internal combustion engine to electric. Volvo cars will last for a long time if you treat them well and you can start early with the help of PPF.

Paint Protection Film for Volvo

Paint Protection Film is a thin plastic wrap designed to protect a car’s paint finish. This product was first developed for military use, created to protect helicopter blades from debris during the Vietnam War. The first few versions were thick, more suitable for flat blades than curved car surfaces. Automobile companies still saw potential in PPF and modified it to protect regular cars.

Modern PPF is thinner and more flexible. It offers maximum protection without damaging your car. PPF is easy to apply and remove so you don’t have to worry about traces of adhesive lingering on your car’s surface. Once applied, the film will last at least 10 years with proper maintenance.

How Paint Protection Film protects Volvo Cars?

This plastic layer forms a barrier between the outdoor environment and your car. The film protects it from flying debris, rough driving conditions, weather, and even attempts at vandalism. PPF is scratch resistant, able to withstand over 10 years of wear with proper maintenance. This film is strong enough to ensure no damage penetrates it and harm your vehicle so your paint will be in good condition for a long time.

We offer standard, full frontal, full, and stealth wrapping options to clients. Full and stealth options cover your entire car, providing maximum protection because no part of the vehicle will be harmed. Full frontal is applied to the front section, covering bumpers, grille, hood, and even some part of your roof. The standard option provides basic affordable protection, covering vulnerable areas.

How is film customized for every type of vehicle?

PPF is made from a flexible thermoplastic material that responds to changes in temperature. During the application process, we cover sections of your vehicle with his plastic before applying some heat. This makes PPF malleable, allowing us to smooth it over your car’s contours. Because this material is so flexible, we can use it on different car surfaces, regardless of the shape and size. We make sure there are no bubbles and edges visible after our work is done, ensuring a seamless finish.

PPF is clear and colorless so it doesn’t alter your car’s finish. Standard films will add a little bit of shine to the surface, making the car look new. You can also choose our stealth wrap, which has a satin matte finish.

Most Popular Volvo vehicles

Volvo has a good lineup of vehicles and most are popular in its target markets. The two mentioned below have the highest ratings:

· Volvo XC90 – This is a hefty, spacious SUV with good on and off-road performance. The car is capable of reaching 132mph, going from 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds.

· Volvo S90 – The S90 is a comfortable and stylish sedan, ideal for everyday driving. This high-performance vehicle can reach 140mph, going from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds.

If you want your Volvo to look as good as new for a long time, we recommend investing in good quality PPF.


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