What is Standard Plus Paint Protection Film?

Our Standard Plus Paint protection keeps a vehicle’s body from outside forces and enhances its appearance for more than a decade. Our formula is a specially designed compound that can withstand heat, cold, moisture and abrasion.

This film protects a car’s paint from chips or scratches caused by bits of rock, debris, vandalism, bug splatters, etc. It forms an even layer on your vehicle’s surface without disrupting its looks so your car’s color doesn’t change.

Standard Plus paint protection is the second-most basic level of wrapping offered. It can be applied to areas most prone to being chipped or scratched. This usually involves full hood, partial fenders, front bumper, mirrors, and headlights.

What are the benefits of Standard Plus Paint Protection Film?

Standard Plus paint protection covers the full hood, partial fenders, front bumper, mirrors, and headlights Aside from the standard protection it offers, PPF has several other benefits. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

· This film has a clear, high-gloss finish so your vehicle looks shiny and new.

· Standard Plus paint protection film covers critical areas which are more likely to sustain damage over time. This means you don’t have to replace or repair them as often.

· There are no side-effects of installing PPF. It doesn’t damage the paint and is easy to remove.

· It isn’t just affordable, but it also helps save money on future repairs.
These are just some benefits of standard PPF. As it’s not applied to the entire surface of your car, there’s no reason why you can’t try it first.

What is used to make Standard Plus Paint Protection Film?

PPF is made from a flexible, specially designed thermoplastic urethane material. It was originally manufactured for military use, to protect helicopter blades from flying debris. Eventually, this material made its way into regular automobile industry. Many car manufacturers apply the film before selling their vehicles to offer superior protection.

Thermoplastic responds to heat, becoming soft and pliable when warm. This allows us to mold the film over your vehicle’s contours, ensuring there are no sharp edges or bubbles underneath. The polyurethane material is self-healing because of this thermal property. Any tears or chips will heal automatically in about 24 hours after being exposed to some heat.

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