Paint Protection Film Services

Paint protection films come in different combinations and are versatile. Car owners can choose the amount of coverage they require based on their requirements or preferences. We like to give our customers a good range of options to choose from and these options are listed below.

At Automotive Shield, we provide expert car paint protection services to help preserve the original appearance of your vehicle. Want to know more about different coverage types? Just give us a call at 1 305 927 0006 or book a reservation through this form and we can help.

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  1. Standard Paint Protection Film

Some aspects of your car are more vulnerable than others. Our standard film coverage protects these highly-vulnerable areas like the front bumper, front hood, mirrors, and fenders. These surfaces come in maximum contact with air, dust, and debris that can damage the paint layer.

The basic plan is ideal for car owners who want some protection but can’t let the vehicle sit in our garage for long. We can apply the standard paint protection film in a matter of hours and return your car to you. The biggest disadvantage of this option is that it doesn’t cover other areas, so the wear is inconsistent.

  1. Full Front Wrap Paint Protection Film

This is a step up from the basic paint protection coverage. We cover all exposed areas in the front of the car because it experiences a lot of friction during drives. The full front protection plan includes the full front hood, front bumper, mirrors, full fenders, and headlights. These areas aren’t just the most vulnerable, but also the most visible aspects of a car.

By applying a paint protection cover on these sections, you can preserve your vehicle’s exterior beauty for a long time. This option also doesn’t cover the entire vehicle so wear is inconsistent. However, that isn’t as noticeable in the full front wrap as it is in the standard wrap.

  1. Full Car Wrap Paint Protection Film

If you want to make sure your car is completely protected from debris, dust, and weather conditions; consider our full car wrap option. We will cover the entire painted surface of your car from the front bumpers to the rear bumpers.

Full car wrap offers maximum protection as it covers the entire exposed surface. You don’t have to deal with inconsistent wear or dull spots. This installation takes time and most customers have to leave their car in our care for at least a day. But the wait is well worth the protection this coverage offers.

  1. Stealth Wrap Paint Protection Film

Most modern cars have a glossy and shiny finish, but some owners have different preferences. They like a soft, satin matte appearance and hesitate to apply glossy paint protection film over it; in this case, stealth wrap is the ideal choice.

This wrap has a soft matte finish and can be applied over all kinds of vehicles. We recommend using the full car wrap if you choose this material, especially if your original paint is glossy. The matte wrap is just as resilient and durable as the other options available with us.

  1. Standard Plus Paint Protection Film

This coverage option sits between the standard coverage and full front coverage. It is used on the full hood, partial fenders, mirrors, front bumper, and headlights. These areas are vulnerable to wear as they experience the maximum amount of friction. The Standard Plus paint protection coverage is quick and easy to install.

It is also more affordable than all other options except the Standard Plan. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about replacing it for 5 to 10 years. As the Standard Plus coverage doesn’t cover the entire exposed surface of your vehicle, wear is inconsistent. Some areas will look duller than others.

Ceramic Pro

This is one of the most popular and versatile car coating options available today. It covers the interior, wheels, exterior, and windows. The Ceramic Pro protects these components from weather, friction, and regular wear and tear.

At Automotive Shield, we offer a wide range of paint protection film options. If you’re not certain about the different packages, feel free to consult with our experts on the matter. They will offer expert, unbiased advice on different packages.

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