Full Car Wrap Paint Protection Film

What is Full Car Wrap Paint Protection Film?

Automobile paint is designed to withstand heat, cold, friction, and some level of scratches, but it can become damaged. Debris, vandalism, adverse weather, etc, cause scratches and chip the surface. Repainting a car is an expensive affair, especially if you have a luxury vehicle. It also doesn’t deliver the same results as original paint applied by manufacturers, which makes it important to preserve it as much as possible.

Full car paint protection film helps with that. This material covers all exposed areas of your vehicle so every inch has a layer of protective film over it. This is our most expensive option but long-term savings make it worthwhile.

What are the benefits of Full Car Wrap Paint Protection Film?

Full body PPF offers several benefits over other options. As this film covers the entire body, it offers superior protection. The benefits of this option include:

· Easier maintenance – As no section of your car is exposed, you need not be careful while cleaning your vehicle. Maintenance is easy, stress-free, and affordable.

· No chips or scratches anywhere – Full body covering ensures there are no chips or scratches anywhere on the surface. You won’t have to deal with more wear in unprotected sections and less in protected ones as with other alternatives.

This option might have a higher initial cost, but you save money on repairs, repainting, and maintenance, which makes this option a great choice for vehicle owners.

What is used to make Full Car Wrap Paint Protection Film?

PPF is made from a specially developed thermoplastic polyurethane material. It is very thin and clear, which ensures there’s no impact on your car’s appearance. Its high-gloss finish doesn’t become damaged easily, so a vehicle looks as good as new for a long time. PPF was first developed for military use, designed to protect helicopter blades during the Vietnam War era.

Automobile manufacturers later adapted this technology for regular vehicles. The thermoplastic component makes installation easy as we just need to apply heat to make the plastic malleable.

Our experts can then smooth this material over your vehicle carefully to ensure there are no bubbles or rough edges.

Are there problems with Full Car Wrap Paint Protection Film?

This wrap provides an excellent, full-body protection, so it is superior to other options available in the market today. But it is also the most expensive choice, which can cause people to hesitate. Full car wraps are designed to last for more than 10 years.

The material does have a self-healing property so all tears will heal with exposure to heat. But if PPF is excessively worn down, it’ll lose all flexibility. That can make removing it difficult, and it is important that you replace the film as soon as it starts showing signs of excessive wear.

How has it improved over the years?

As this material was designed for straight and flat helicopter blades, it wasn’t suitable for regular vehicles. PPF plastic was too thick, with a slightly yellowish tint to it. When applied to cars, this film altered a car’s finish and compromised its beauty. Its thickness meant the material was less flexible so installers had a hard time trying to wrap a car.

Modern films are made from a specialized compound that not only provides superior protection but also fits the contours of your car. PPF is completely clear so there’s no yellow cast to mar the appearance of your vehicle’s paint. Modern day films are durable, resilient, and flexible.

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