Full Front Wrap Paint Protection Film

What is Full Front Wrap Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a thin layer of plastic applied to a car’s surface to protect it from scratches and chips. This plastic sustains damage while the paint underneath remains unharmed, which can be beneficial as you can save a lot of money on repainting. Full front wrap service includes applying this material to the front of a car.

It is a step up from standard protection, but doesn’t cover your entire vehicle. We apply wrap to a car’s front hood, bumpers, edge, wheel arches, etc. Our technicians will cover all areas you can see when you stand in front of your car as they’re the most vulnerable sections.

What are the benefits of Full Front Wrap Paint Protection Film?

PPF protects large, vulnerable sections of your vehicle but it offers additional benefits that make the investment worthwhile. Coverage includes: full hood, front bumper, full fenders, mirrors, and headlights. Some of these benefits include:

· Unlike standard protection, this covers your car’s entire front portion. The back portion isn’t as vulnerable, and is less like to become damaged.

· The film’s high gloss, clear finish enhances your car’s appearance. It will look brand new and beautiful for a long time.

· PPF doesn’t damage underlying paint and is easily removed. You needn’t worry about the original paint finish.

You can discuss these benefits in detail with our experts to get an idea of what you can expect. We’ll also provide maintenance and care instructions to help extend the life of PPF.

What is used to make Full Front Wrap Paint Protection Film?

Full front wrap is made from good quality thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is OEM, approved by nearly all automobile manufacturers selling cars today. Polyurethane is very flexible and thin, capable of adhering to all kinds of surfaces easily. This material was originally developed during the Vietnam War to protect helicopter blades from debris.

Realizing it could be used for regular automobiles, companies started to modify it for street vehicles. Thermoplastic is responsive to heat and cold so it becomes soft and malleable when heat is applied. We can spread this material easily over different angles and contours of your car to ensure there are no bubbles or edges in the finish.

Are there any problems with Full Front Wrap Paint Protection Film?

No material is infallible and life-proof and PPF isn’t as resilient as a car’s metal surface. It will develop scratches and chips over time, especially if you drive in adverse conditions regularly. If PPF is too damaged, we can’t remove or replace the material easily. That’s why our experts always advise clients to refresh the wrap once every few years.

Full front wrap covers nearly half the car, but everything else is exposed. While a car’s rear is less vulnerable to flying debris, it can get scratched easily. Your vehicle’s original paint is unprotected so wear is inconsistent. This can lead to expensive repairs later on.

How has it improved over the years?

PPF started out has a crude plastic cover suitable for a helicopter’s flat blades. The film wasn’t suitable for other types of vehicles like cars and trucks. This film wasn’t clear; it had a slightly faded, yellowish tint. That impacted the appearance of vehicles, altering their color slightly. Unfortunately, the yellow tint grew worse over time and would become quite noticeable.
Modern PPF has a better, clear high-gloss finish that doesn’t yellow over time. It also has a self-healing property so tears heal with exposure to heat within 24 hours. The flexible material is also ideal for all kinds of vehicles, including sleek sports cars.

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