Stealth Wrap Paint Protection Film

What is Stealth Wrap Paint Protection Film?

Protection film is designed to protect your car’s exterior from scratches, chips, and attempts of vandalism. The thin layer of plastic forms a barrier between underlying paint and the outdoor environment. This protection is invisible, easily blending in with your car’s design as well as its original paint. Most PPF available today have a high-gloss finish, ensuring the vehicle looks shiny and new. But what if you have a matte car?

Stealth wrap is the best solution for that. It comes in a satin finish designed to blend in with matte paint. This film will enhance the beauty of your vehicle while protecting the paint underneath effectively. This PPF can be applied to cars of any sizes or color.

What are the benefits of Stealth Wrap Paint Protection Film?

Sheath wraps provide many benefits aside from excellent protection. A good quality wrap is easy to apply and is long-lasting. Here are some advantages of this material:

· The matte finish looks sophisticated and clean, ideal for people who want their vehicles to stand out.

· This material is completely invisible, despite its matte, satiny texture. You won’t see any crease lines or joints, especially if the wrap is properly installed.

· You can choose standard, frontal, and full body installations based on your requirements and budget.

PPF preserves the paint underneath; even when you remove the film the car looks as good as new. If you have questions about its benefits, contact our customer care for more information.

What is used to make Stealth Wrap Paint Protection Film?

All modern PPF are made from a thermoplastic polyurethane compound, regardless of their finish. This is a flexible compound that becomes malleable after heat application, so we have an easier time applying it on dimensional surfaces. PPF was first used by the military, suitable for flat surfaces and not for the contoured exterior of modern cars.

Manufacturers soon realized this material could be used in other applications before producing their own versions of it. Modern stealth PPF is relatively scratch resistant so it’ll last for several years with proper maintenance. It’s easier to apply and remove, leaving no trace behind of its presence so the paint underneath looks brand new.

Are there any problems with Stealth Wrap Paint Protection Film?

Stealth wrap has the same vulnerabilities as other options available in this category. It is vulnerable to wear and tear, so you will eventually need to replace it. Excessive scratches and chips compromise the resilience of this material, which means it is more difficult to remove. Some pieces can become adhered to the surface and compromise your vehicle’s beauty.

Full body stealth wrap can be pricey but standard and frontal options don’t provide as much protection. Good quality wraps are worth the investment as they can save you money on repainting. If you have any questions about the pros and cons of this material, simply contact our customer care.

How has it improved over the years?

When it first entered the market, PPF wasn’t as flexible or versatile as it is now. Older versions were thicker, more prone to damage, and had a strange yellow tint in them. This made them undesirable for modern cars and difficult to work with. New PPF is much more malleable so we can easily apply or remove this covering. It is also more scratch resistant, so you can expect the wrap for years.

The matte, satin finish is completely clear so you don’t have to worry about a film of white or yellow on your car. New materials allow a car’s original color to shine through, so you don’t have to compromise beauty for safety.

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